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What Causes A Humming Electrical Outlet-tips by a Toronto Electrician

What Causes A Humming Electrical Outlet-tips by a Toronto Electrician

What is that sound? You hear it when you switch on your TV, when you want to toast your bread or even when you are charging your phone. Sometimes you even think it is just in your head, but you have this gut feeling that it exists. To tell you the truth, it is not just a thought, it is a reality. Electrical systems at times produce a buzzing sound which may indicate that you need to bring a professional Electrician toronto on board. Some of the causes of this condition include:

Connections becoming loose

When wires in an outlet become loose, they induce vibration of the outlet which produces the sound. This is most common in older apartments where the connections have faced wear and tear over time. Outlets where the plugs are well-worn and hold the wires in place after a long while also become unfastened giving more room to shakings that lead to buzzing.

Reversal of polarity

In the event that you notice that the more appliances you plug in the more humming you hear, just know that a reversed polarity has taken place. This tells you that wiring was not done well. Maybe there was even a mix up in the aluminum and copper outlet. Such an occurrence is quite dangerous and immediate inspection should be conducted for preventive measures.

When the breaks are damagedelectrican

An electrical buzz is heard when the circuit breaker is overloaded. This means that you have plugged in many devices hence draining out the outlet. If you notice that the breaker puts out too much or very few amperes a sound could be the result. In case this happens, you can turn off all the breakers and switch them back on one by one to get the source of the problem.

Lights on dimmers

This is not the deliberate dimming of your living room light bulbs for a romantic evening but the unavoidable fail in the wiring system somewhere. You may notice that one of the bulbs whether in your living room or in your bedroom is slightly dimmer than the others. They switch the light on and off at a fast speed. This cycle of on and off produces the humming sound.

Mains hum

Appliances with motors produce an electrical buzz from either wiring or equipment. It occurs from these appliances when the motors switch on and off which causes vibration.


When an electrical hum is traced to an outlet or a wiring, it means that there is a problem somewhere. This you will notice during plugging in of any household equipment whether it is your refrigerator or your vacuum cleaner. Detecting this problem is not as easy, it is only possible with the professional in place. Contracting an electrician toronto contractor will help you understand that there is a problem in the initial grounding of the wires. A professional will see to it that the issue is corrected.

Next time you hear the buzzing sound, you will not fail to bring in the electrical contractor who will bring things back to normalcy.